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Perfect Reality (Working Title)

This world still looks very much like our own. Governments, companies, global warming, Internet of Things, online porn, spam, spyware everywhere. The web itself has evolved into immersive Augmented Reality-like experiences backed by both glasses, holograms and pseudo-solid fields dubbed Perfect Reality. Telling the real from the virtual slowly becomes impossible. Tele-commuting has replaced many workplaces and massive automation has killed many jobs but due to peak energy and the cost of sophisticated AI mean that people still need to work and you’ll still find a few humans at your local restaurant, clinic or childcare center.

Torg Eternity: The Covert Reality War Preview #3 – Le Bureau des Tempêtes

The Delphi Council is clearly a US-centric Agency, so it was only a matter of time before a EU-backed counterpart arose. But with Spain presiding over the EU and Spain having granted Emergency Powers to Jean Malraux, what will this Agency look like? Welcome to the Storm Office – Le Bureau des Tempêtes. This is a third preview of a Torg: Eternity Infiniverse Supplement called The Covert Reality War. Have fun!

Torg Eternity: The Covert Reality War Preview #2 – Theaters of Operations

Torg is a game of world-hopping. One day, the Heroes are in Aysle, the next one in Yucatan, and the day after, in a VTOL jet bringing them to an oil rig in the Pacific. But what are they doing here? What about these frenemy agencies? This is a second preview of a Torg: The Covert Reality War, dedicated to the theater of operations of the Reality Choir. Theaters of Operations.

Ronin Time Bureaucrats: The Most Benevolent Administrators

The Most Benevolent Administrators are believed to be leftovers of a dead branch of the Time Bureaucracy. They may be found scattered around time and space. While they look quite harmless – who would fear something that appears essentially to be photocopier on wheel tracks – the sheets of paper that they print sometimes make them very dangerous. Most Benevolent Administrators are generally Poets and Philosophers, able of deep reflections on the nature of the human psyche, among others.

The Plotonomicon: Creating Worlds

In the Plotonomicon, creating a world is, much like creating a character, a series of Questions. Where creating a player’s character is generally a dialogue between the GM and that player, creating a world is one that involves everybody around the table. Before starting, you’ll need to decide how much detail you want to put in your world – there’s no limit to how much time you can spend creating a world, if you enjoy doing so, but maybe you want to use that world immediately.