Rejoice, for the Kingdom of Death is no more.

It was first reported Last Thursday, at 0421 GMT and it happened all over the globe: the dead have returned to walk among the living. They are disoriented, surely, and returned from Heaven or Hell or other places, but they are peaceful, for the most part.

What most of them are no more is human. For all the dead have returned, all since the first step of our kind, or possibly before, and few of them have a body to return to. The fresh ones, the ones who had died just a few moments after the event, those woke up without a pulse and continued their day without realizing that something was amiss. The decayed ones, the ones who had been in the ground or under the water for weeks or years or centuries, those woke up as creatures of their own nightmares, without context or explanation.

What about the rest? Those who had been cremated or destroyed by time or beasts or accident? Well, those had to find something to inhabit, didn’t they?

Last Thursday, 0421 GMT is now known as the Kingdom Came event. And since Kingdom Came, anything can host a returned human being. It could be your toaster or a book in your library. It could be your favorite earring or your camera. It could be Google or Facebook.

Rejoice, for the Kingdom of Death is no more.

Rejoice, for the Dead have returned, from Heaven or Hell or other places.

Now, how will society cope?