Did you think the Space·Time Deck was done after

Were it only that it were so simple!

Here’s the fourth suit: the Suit of Serpents.

Serpents traditionally symbolize:

  • speed;
  • stealth;
  • adaptation;
  • survival;
  • lies;
  • forbidden knowledge;
  • forbidden power;
  • temptation.

The cards:

  • Ruler
  • Dragon
  • Treasure
  • Soldier
  • Builder
  • Seeker
  • Lover
  • Servant
  • Home
  • Foot (blank, customizable)
  • Teddy bear (blank, customizable)


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Many thanks to jlorenzo, pnkfelix, nickwedig, Alamantus, mxfraud, GiantKumquat for their help!