N-Dimensional Tourists is a lightweight, generic ruleset for fiction-first, narrative roleplaying. Instead of dice, it uses the Space·Time Deck.

A N-Dimensional Tourist. Apparently lost.
A N-Dimensional Tourist. Apparently lost.

Let’s come back to the terms above:

  • lightweight – A character can be created in about 5 minutes. Besides character creation, there are essentially two or three rules used during gameplay, to solve all situations.
  • generic – This ruleset can be used for most universes or stories without any change.
  • fiction-first – If you have the choice between the story and the rules, the story wins.
  • narrative – Much of what happens to the world is decided by the players, rather than the GM.
  • the Space·Time Deck – A deck of card that uses some ideas from Tarot, some from Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. Used for coming up with ideas, making the story progress and resolving conflicts.

This book concentrates on rules. The Plotonomicon, its sister book, concentrates on stories. You’re welcome to read both :)


While this ruleset is an original work, it owes a lot to the following Role-Playing Games:

  • Fate Core/Fate Accelerated;
  • Amber Diceless/Lords of Olympus/Lords of Gossamer and Shadow;
  • HeroQuest/HeroWars;
  • Everway;
  • Engel;
  • Blades in the Dark.


  1. About this book
  2. The Space·Time Deck
  3. Characters and Attributes
  4. Creating Player’s Characters (TBD)
  5. Meeting Challenges
  6. Aspects and using the Cards up your Sleeve
  7. Conflicts (TBD)
  8. Stronger together
  9. Creating the GM’s Characters (TBD)
  10. Character Progression (TBD)
  11. Thanks (TBD)


  1. Character Sheet (TBD)
  2. Conflict Resolution Cheat Sheet