Well, after the Triumphs and four suits (Paper, Rock, Blade, Serpent), it is time to conclude the Space·Time Deck with its last suit: the Suit of Unknown (you are free to call it the Suit of Spock)!

Unknown symbolizes:

  • imagination;
  • intuition;
  • perception;
  • illusions;
  • dreams.

Whenever you draw a card of this suit, you are encouraged to integrate any of these concepts to your interpretation.

The cards:

  • Ruler
  • Dragon
  • Treasure
  • Soldier
  • Builder
  • Seeker
  • Lover
  • Servant
  • Home
  • Foot (blank, customizable)
  • Teddy bear (blank, customizable)



Many thanks to jlorenzo, pnkfelix, nickwedig, Alamantus, mxfraud, GiantKumquat, Solal for their help!