While the Time Federation is forever limited by its Prime Directive, the militarist branches managed to get away with murder, kidnapping and torture by finessing paradoxes. Some cadres of the Time Federation wanted the ability to counter-attack, and managed to create a covert operations branch called the Time Adjustment Foundation. And further is exactly where it goes.

How bad have you been? How much evil did you do in your time? Are you a rapist? A serial killer? A slaver? Better even, a genocidal dictator? Fear not, Space·Time is so complicated that justice won’t be done. There are so many timelines and so many opportunities to cause Observable Contradictions that punishing you would be counter-productive. On the other hand, if you are bad enough, or at least if files and histories report you as sufficiently evil, the Time Adjustment Foundation might well be after you and your deeds.

Someday, while you’re looking away, things may change. The blood on your hand may be replaced with a synthetic imitation. The screams of your victims may be turned into recordings. Your victims themselves may turn out to be non-sentient recordings of their own lives. Your crimes may turn out to be simulations. Files and histories may be turned into fakes with the exact same content. You, yourself, might be whisked away and replaced with a recording of your life, while you are punished, in some remote future far from contradictions.

For all you know, you might already be innocent. But nobody will ever find out.


  • Evil MUST NOT remain unundone.
  • Victims will be much happier in Time Reservations.
  • Cloaked Spaceships, armies of Replicants and life-long scripts.

Extract of Ronin Time Bureaucrats, Here, There and Right Behind You: The Bureaucracy.

For more about afterlife in Ronin Time Bureaucrats, see also the Time After Time After Time Corporation!

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