After the Suit of Paper, here comes the Suit of Rock.

Warning Museum-level nudity.

Rock traditionally symbolizes:

  • stability;
  • reliability;
  • power.

The cards:

  • Ruler
  • Dragon
  • Treasure
  • Soldier
  • Builder
  • Seeker
  • Lover
  • Servant
  • Home
  • Foot (blank, customizable)
  • Teddy bear (blank, customizable)

Note that the blue borders are not part of the cards. They are just there to delimit the safe-to-draw zone. Printed cards should have a little white margin between the part you can see above and the border.



Many thanks to jlorenzo, pnkfelix, nickwedig, Alamantus, mxfraud, GiantKumquat for their help!