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Ronin Time Bureaucrats

« Nobody remembers with certainty in which year the Great Snafu took place, but people generally agree that it was on a September, or perhaps on a Saturday afternoon, on some even-numbered millenium. Also, it involved blowing up the Universe, which made pretty much everybody unhappy, except for a few people who had been waiting for this opportunity to loudly exclaim “I told you so”, and even they were not happy for long.

Summary About this book The Space·Time Deck Characters and Attributes Creating Player’s Characters (TBD) Meeting Challenges Aspects and using the Cards up your Sleeve Conflicts (TBD) Stronger together Creating the GM’s Characters (TBD) Character Progression (TBD) Thanks (TBD) Appendix Character Sheet (TBD) Conflict Resolution Cheat Sheet

Summary About this book Drawing for ideas: A tutorial The Space·Time Deck Let’s not prepare Creating Worlds Who’s that? Improvising characters (TBD) Threats and crisis: improvising a campaign (TBD) Take that! Improvising for a conflict (TBD) Planets, dungeons and amusement parks: improvising places (TBD) Appendix Plotonomicon: The Comic Book Credits (TBD) License (TBD) The Cards (TBD)


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